Ski servicing guide

A Guide To Our Ski & Snowboard Servicing Facilities

Across the United Kingdom our stores give you access to the best boot and equipment service centres to help keep your investment in top condition. By investing in the latest technology and training courses our stores can provide you with custom solutions to your needs.

The majority of all our stores have the ability to custom mould footbeds to suit your active needs and many have in-store service centres for ski and board tuning. Should your local Snow + Rock not have an in-store service centre it is a simple transfer to one of our superstore locations where the work can be done.

Store In-store Ski/Board Mounting Boot Fitting + Repairs In-store Footbed Production In-store Workshop
Birmingham Yes Yes Yes
Brighton Yes Yes Yes
Bristol Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chertsey Yes Yes Yes Yes
Covent Garden Yes Yes Yes Yes
Croydon Yes Yes Yes
Dublin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exeter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gateshead Yes Yes Yes Yes
Harrods Yes Yes Yes
Hemel Hempstead Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kensington Yes Yes Yes
Manchester, Chill Factore Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manchester, Didsbury Yes Yes Yes
Monument Yes Yes Yes
Port Solent Yes Yes Yes Yes
Romford Yes Yes Yes
Wirral Yes Yes Yes

We have built our workshops in conjunction with Wintersteiger machines giving us the tools to provide a high end result to your tuning requirements. Because all our staff are end users, we know how important it is to get the little things right so that your snow experience is a fantastic one.

Servicing Options

Please note that the majority of our services are at the prices shown below, however, if there is a large amount of damage or special work required we reserve the right to adjust these prices accordingly.

Service Details Ski Price Snowboard Price
Full Service
  • Belt Grind to remove small scratches and oxidized material
  • P-Tex to fill gouges & scrapes
  • Stone Grind to flatten and embed Structure
  • Edge Set, sharpen and polish
  • Hot Machine wax
£35 £38
Snowboard Standard Service
  • Belt Grind to remove small scratches and oxidized material
  • P-Tex to fill gouges & scrapes
  • Edge Set, sharpen and polish
  • Hot Machine wax
N/A £32
Basic Service
  • Edge Set, sharpen and polish
  • Hot Machine wax
Hot Roller Wax
  • Hot waxed and polished
Hand Wax Upgrade
  • Hand applied wax and scraped
Base Grind Only
  • Belt Grind to remove small scratches and oxidized material
  • Stone Grind to flatten and embed Structure
Edge Grind Only
  • Sharpen and polish


Repair Details Ski Price Snowboard Price
Base Patch Small
  • For small core shots
  • Remove damaged base material
  • Cut and fit new P-Tex patch
  • Repair damage and affix patch with Epoxy
  • Clamp and let repair set
  • Also requires full service to ensure patch sits flush with original base material and has structure
Base Patch Large
  • For large core shots or deep gouges in base.
  • Remove damaged base material
  • Cut and fit new P-Tex patch
  • Repair damage and affix patch with Epoxy
  • Clamp and let repair set
  • Also requires full service to ensure patch sits flush with original base material and has structure
Edge Repair
  • Remove damaged edge section
  • Cut new metal edge
  • Repair minor sidewall damage
  • Install & affix new edge piece
  • Clamp and let repair set
  • Also requires full service to ensure patch sits flush with the original ski edge
Heli Coils
  • Brass inserts for repair to threaded binding holes.
£4 N/A
Binding Mount
  • Mounting of any system or traditional binding
  • Sole length adjustment, forward pressure adjustment.
  • Din setting
£20 N/A
Snowboard T-bolt
  • For use in repairing binding screw holes
  • Remove damaged fixation point and install new screw hole
N/A £10
Buckles + Spare Parts
  • Due to the variety of boots and parts our staff will have to assess the part you require & inform you of price and availability.
Pricing on consultation
Topsheet + Extensive repairs
  • For damage to the top sheet or large problems our workshop technicians will help assess the situation & inform you of a guide price for the repair.
Pricing on consultation


Boots Details Ski Price Snowboard Price
Boot Repair
  • For damage or service to boots & footbeds outside replacing buckles or toes & heels, an hourly fee may have to be charged.
Boot Stretch
  • If your boots need work outside of the terms of the Snow+Rock comfort guarantee, a repair fee may have to be charged.

Our Workshop Technicians

Our Workshop Technicians and staff are all end users with a vast amount of experience from being involved in the industry, but more importantly being passionate about snow sports. They are happy to provide suggestions and guidance on how best to keep your equipment it perfect working order.

If you want to try elements of equipment tuning, be sure to look at our tuning equipment from Toko and Sidecut. Our knowledgeable workshop technicians can do some of the bigger jobs and help you choose the tools you need for a quick on hill sharpen or a full race tune. We’ve got the knowledge and tools to do it.

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that your equipment is always safe and working as it should. With that in mind, we recommend a seasonal service program (SSP) to look after your skis and snowboard.

Seasonal Service Program

Early season: September/October/November

If your skis have been in the loft or back of the Garage since you came home from your last trip now is the time to get them out and have a look. If the edges are dull, perhaps rusty and bases white or dry then it is time to get a Full Service to revitalize the bases by repairing any damage, structure your equipment for optimum glide, remove any rust by sharpening and polishing the edges & put moisture back in with a hot wax. Make sure you bring your boot in too so the bindings can be checked.

If your equipment has good structure and no damage then consider a Basic service to sharpen & polish the edges with a hot wax.

Equipment sharp and rust free? Try a hot hand wax to help embed wax deep into the pores of the bases.

Mid Season: December/January/February

You’ve gone on your first trip and had a great time, now looking to book your next trip later in the year.
With that you should at the very minimum get your equipment re-waxed to restore the moisture lost whilst on your trip.
Early season conditions may have caused a few nicks in the edges which may burr, or with all the runs you’ve done your edges may have lost a bit of grip. Consider a basic service to make sure equipment is sharp and ready to hit the slopes again.

Should your equipment have suffered damage then a full service is the best option to make it like new.

End of Season: March/April

At this time of year there is still lots of skiing and boarding to be had. But when you return from your last trip of the season make sure you get your equipment looked at and prepared for the long summer months before you use it again.

All boards and skis should have a storage wax placed on them as the last thing before they are put away for the year. A storage wax is a thick layer of wax which covers the edges and is not scraped away. This layer locks moisture into the base, and reduces any oxidisation of the base or rust on the edge. It is the best thing you can do for your investment.

Many people combine a storage wax with a full service, knowing that next year at the start of the season all that needs to be done is have the skis scraped and polished in store. This gives the best benefits of the service and wax. If you skis have damage or in need of some TLC this is a good option.

Free binding check and adjustment

Binding adjustment is critical to your skiing safety. Our skilled technicians will be pleased to check your ski binding settings and boot compatibility. Come into any of our stores with one of your ski boots and this service will be carried out FREE of charge. If you buy a new pair of ski boots in any of our stores, we are happy to remount, adjust and check your bindings free of charge. If you buy new skis or bindings, we will mount and set your bindings free of charge.

Belt, Stone, Edge + Wax – How It All Works + Why

Our ski & board services will incorporate 4 major processes of which each machine plays a role.

Belt – In general terms, to properly tune a Ski it is first put over a belt to help remove some minor scratches, oxidation, and reveal fresh material. Then any deep scratches or holes are filled in using industrial P-Tex which is extruded onto the base using a specially heated machine.

Stone – Once the P-Tex has cooled and set, the ski is scraped by hand then run over a “stone” which helps embed a structure on the ski base. This structure helps optimise the level of water needed under the ski for the snow conditions at hand.

Edge – Following the stone grind, the ski is edged using a rotating ceramic disk to sharpen and polish the edges.

Wax – Finally the skis are hot waxed by using a heated roller saturated with wax and then polished. For the ultimate finish, hand waxing is also an option, so speak to your workshop technicians for more details and options.

Of course the above is only a summary, but should you need more detail or have specific tuning requirements please speak to our technicians who can help.

How-To Videos

How to Wax a Snowboard


With the above information on how best to tune a ski or snowboard, below is a listing of the machines we have in our various workshops around the country. Each workshop will have a combination of machines which will allow them the ability to belt, stone, edge and wax your wintersports equipment.

Wintersteiger Sigma S 350 – Stand alone Stone Machine

Sigma S 350

Wintersteiger Sigma B 350 – Stand alone Belt Machine

Sigma B

Wintersteiger Sigma SBI – Combination unit with Stone and Belt units Inline

Sigma SBI
Sigma SBI

Wintersteiger Micro 71 – Combination unit with Stone and Belt units Inline

Micro 71

Wintersteiger Trim Disc 71 – Base and Edge Ceramic Disk Grinder

Trim Disc 71
Trim Disc 71

Wintersteiger Trim Jet – Automatic Base and Edge Ceramic Disk Grinder

Trim Jet
Trim Jet

Wintersteiger Waxjet 92 – Combined Heated and polishing wax application machine

Waxjet 92

Wintersteiger Polyman – Extrudes industrial P-Tex Directly to the base


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