Sherpa Training Day – Peak District

I was lucky enough to be invited on a training session for some Snow+Rock staff by Sherpa Adventure Gear, a brand new to the UK this year. Obviously I jumped at the chance and did a bit of research into the brand, their history and why we’re stocking them this year. Sherpa Adventure Gear are […]

Tim Conquers The North Face 100

Tim with his well-deserved medal

It’s funny, the way people like to spend their spare time. For many, a gentle walk through a local woodland or a bike ride down by the shore fits the bill quite nicely. There are, however, those who prefer instead to throw the relaxation book out the window and push themselves to the limit. One […]

Rate Your Gear… And Win!

Rate Your Gear_600_72

So, you’ve bought some new kit from us and you want to tell the world how great it is. If only there was an easy way… Well, would you believe it, there is – and it’s called Rate Your Gear! Reading a product’s official description is fine, but we all know the best way to […]

Snow+Rock – showcasing the best in snowboard developments

Snow+Rock’s current range of snowboards features some new brands and models at the forefront of snowboard innovations and technical developments: Silbaerg Snowboards feature one of the most forward thinking design innovations to date with their exclusive ALD technology. This groundbreaking design engineers the fibreglass construction of the board to affect the way the edges work […]

Fischer VACUUM FIT Technology

What is VACUUM FIT? The global innovation – the first ski boot that really has a 100% fit! Fischer VACUUM FIT technology makes it possible for the first time to have a completely anatomical fit of the entire boot in a quality that was previously unattainable. The basis for this is the new, patented Fischer […]