Life is Good. Life is Colour.

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Spring is upon us and the world is coming alive. Everywhere you look there are pockets of colour, from the blossoming trees to the valiant daffodils pushing through at the roadside.  As  golden sunlight bounces off shades of green; inky puddles and the vibrant rainbow of everyday life, take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty around you.

Life is good. 

Colour sunset

Life is Colour.

It’s an exciting time for the great outdoors and yet, for the most part we are the most uninspiring thing in it. We seem to be afraid to stand out, instead opting for a reserved spectrum of beige, black and grey in the misguided belief that we will in some way disturb nature if we wander through its landscapes wearing anything that might anger up the blood. Unless stealth is a major factor in your outdoor activity, (i.e. you’re a budding Ray Mears, trying to sneak up on a bear or family of otters undetected) you can certainly get away with injecting a bit of colour into your active outdoor wardrobe, so why not move the beige to the back seat and let your personality shine through?

Tee Spectrum

Pictured: Selection of Men’s Tees

This season has seen an explosion of colour in everything from technical outdoor clothing, to casual wear, footwear and accessories, making it easier than ever before to take a bit of your personal style with you whether you’re heading for the hills or just hanging out with friends.

bee flower


The brand new range of footwear for Spring/Summer 2014 has introduced some of the boldest styling that we’ve seen in a long time, with vibrant colour combinations and bold patterns that are sure to turn heads.

shoe flowerFrom trail running to hiking, you have the option to say goodbye to brown and grey, and be as adventurous with your shoes as you are with your routes without having to compromise when it comes to tech!


The selection of technical clothing available this year follows suit. In addition to the popular timeless classics, many of our most reliable performance products from the world’s best brands are now available in a fantastic spectrum of colours for both men and women. Incorporating the most advanced fabrics and features, these garments deliver both top quality protection and a dynamic look that will ensure that the sun keeps shining, even when it’s raining.

jacket spectrum

Pictured: Selection from women’s range

TNF bag stack

Pictured: The North Face Duffel Bag


tempest 20

Pictured: Osprey Tempest 20

This rainbow revolution isn’t just in clothing, everything from small urban packs to robust luggage has had a multicoloured makeover, so  do away with black and grey and allow your bag to stand out  whether it’s being stuffed onto a luggage rack or taking a turn on the airport carousel.


Colourful Camping


You can even kit out your campsite in style. This season, many of the items in our camping range from sleeping bags to lighting have been given a refreshing facelift.  More and more products are now available in a great range of bold, vibrant colours, making it easier than ever before to create your perfect home away from home.

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