Get Ski Fit for the New Season – Innovative Products to Help

There’s nothing wrong with getting excited when you have to scrape the ice off your windscreen in the morning. It means that winter is on its way and you’re that bit closer to heading to the slopes! It also means that you have less time to crack on with the training that you meant to do this year in preparation for the new season to get ski fit – Gulp!

You had the best of intentions; there were plans to do 120 mile bike rides, a couple of 10km charity runs and those essential squats and leg raises three months before heading to the mountains; sadly life got in the way. All is not lost however, there are plenty of ways for you to make the most of your time before you hit the slopes, so you can ensure that you’re in the best possible shape for a great ski experience.

Not everyone has the time or dedication to make it to the gym or get out on their bike, but we should still make some kind of effort to improve our ski fitness. The simple act of walking to work can now be part of your holiday preparation with help from the new Pflexx muscle activator.

The Pflexx is not a brace or support, but a wearable device that assists muscle development during sport and day to day activity. Made from Thermo Cool fabric, this product’s secret lies in the spring loaded panels on the side of the knee sleeve. These panels provide adjustable resistance (R1 easy R4 most difficult) when the knee is flexed or bent, challenging the leg muscles, and building strength and muscle tissue as you walk, move or run.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, Pflexx will enhance your exercise. Adding Pflexx to your physical programme boosts results and is even suitable pre and post-operation following advice from your Doctor/Physiotherapist. The real beauty of Pflexx is that it’s adaptable and works at your pace. The harder you work, the harder Pflexx works. Set new targets as your fitness grows and Pflexx will keep challenging you to exceed expectations.
The patented technology behind Pflexx coped with intense analysis and testing at every stage of development. Some of the UK’s leading bio-mechanical engineers, sports scientists and academics studied the resistance technology, as well as trialling it with elite athletes. The results were conclusive: the Knee Pflexx boosts muscle activation by up to 30% when walking, and up to 400% when running.”

The device fits easily under your clothes so it can be worn daily as well as during structured physical activity. Despite being suitable for general use, it is not a replacement for a full keep fit program and should be used in conjunction with whatever you are already doing to enhance its effectiveness and help you to prepare for your trip to the slopes. Make sure you check out our website for full details or visit one of our Snow + Rock stores to see one, try one on and get Pflexx-ing.


Whether you’ve had a hard day on the slopes or you’ve finally managed to get on that bike, go for a run or make it to the gym, you’re bound to face the dreaded ache that comes from working your legs hard. There is now a revolutionary new British invention on hand to make life a little easier. The firefly™ Sports Recovery device is aimed at anyone who wants to make the most of their active performance, from athletes to outdoor sports enthusiasts; it is also ideal for preventing thrombosis from developing during long haul journeys.

Muscle ache during and after activity is caused by a build-up of Lactic Acid. The best way to reduce this discomfort is to flush it out via stretching, compression or more movement at a lesser intensity. Rest after an activity is extremely important, which is where the firefly™ comes in. The device accelerates the removal of metabolic waste by increasing blood flow in the muscles of the lower leg. Worn immediately after high exertion exercise, the firefly™ reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24 hours, accelerating lower limb muscle recovery. Increasing the speed of your recovery will allow you to return to your training sooner, leading to improved performance.

“Portable, with no leads or wires and worn behind the knee, the firefly™ device delivers painless electrical impulses to the common Peroneal nerve to activate the muscle pumps of the lower leg that return blood towards the heart. Clinically proven, the firefly™ device, powered by OnPulse™ technology, is designed to increase blood circulation, and for the prevention and treatment of oedema and the prevention of venous thrombosis, for recovery when travelling.”

This technology will be of huge benefit to both skiers and activity enthusiasts, aiding recovery after pre-holiday work outs and cross training activities. More importantly, it will help you to make the most of your time on the slopes by helping you to recover after an intense day of charging the hills, hiking in the back country and skiing the powder, ensuring that you’re ready to go again the next day. Firefly™ is available at our Chertsey, Covent Garden and Bristol stores as well as online at

If you’re the dedicated athlete that prepares for the winter season in June, then these products should optimise your hard work and help to deliver even greater rewards. For the rest of us mere mortals that are playing catch up at the gym in preparation for our next ski holiday, the Pflexx and Firefly will give us the best chance of being in great shape when we head to the mountains.

Good luck, and have a great holiday!

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