Trekking in Columbia

Dave Duarte

I travelled to Colombia in September 2012 to explore what the country had to offer. Colombia is one of the best places for adventure as they have nearly every terrain imaginable.

I wanted to mix things up by tackling mountains, volcanoes and jungles. I flew to Armenia, the heart of the coffee region, to take on Nevado del Ruiz, a 5,300m volcano. Unfortunately, the park was closed as the volcano was kicking off, so I went coffee tasting and rafting instead.

I later flew to the Parque Tayrona on the Caribbean coast where I spent time trekking through jungles. After wading through rivers and dodging massive colourful bugs and snakes, the remote beaches were always a great place to stop for lunch and fresh air. I managed to
visit the indigenous Kogi people in their hidden village, El Pueblito.

It was a great experience to see how people manage out here.

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Written by Dave DuarteOutdoor Supervisor – Chertsey Store