Trekking in Arctic Sweden

Rory in Sweden

A childhood desire to see the midnight sun led me to the mountains on the border of Sweden and Norway, within the Arctic Circle. A 26hour train journey from Stockholm to Katterjok and then a trail from there up into the mountains, my Arc’teryx Bora 80 carrying everything needed for 10 days in the wilderness, including my fly fishing kit.

After 2 days fishing in a crystal clear lakes surrounded by snow patched mountain tops, a storm blew through the area. My sturdy Hilleberg kept me dry during 24 hours of howling wind and sleet. Forced to head lower down due to flooding rivers I did the first day of the Kungsleden before doubling back over a mountain and back down the Karsavagge valley.

The 24h sunlight plays havoc with ones sense of time but adds a sense of the surreal to a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

Kit I’d Recommend:

Written by Rory McCreaOutdoor Supervisor – Covent Garden Store

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