Festival Top 10

As the festival season gets closer, we asked our buyers to put together a list of their ‘Top Ten’ festival camping items. They have come up with this list of things you just can’t do without …


Vango Alpha 250 £69.99

This tent is packed full of features including a large front porch for your after party, a high dome ceiling so you’re not crouching about, Inner tent pockets so you know where everything is and a lantern loop to keep your light off the floor.


Vango DLX Flocked Chair £15.99

Relax in this extra soft and comfy Flocked chair and take the weight off your feet.


Vango Wilderness 250 Square £32.99

Snuggle up in this luxurious and affordable sleeping bag. It has all the necessary features and with its square shape you can really stretch out.


Multimat Camper Mat £9.99

After a full-on day at a festival who wants to lie on the hard floor.


Silverpoint Daylight Lantern £39.99

This is the most powerful micro lantern around, emitting a massive 300 lumens, making it bright enough to light up your whole tent. The base hook allows you to hang it upside down, turning the lantern into a lamp.


Thermarest Trekker pillow £14.99

Simply fill the pillow case with your spare clothes, fold the flap over and you’re ready for bed.


Dunlop Wellington Boot £19.99

Keep the rain out with these wellies, with a lugged rubber outsole for grip and traction, to hopefully keep you from sliding over in the mud too.


Primus ETA solo £84.99

This brilliant stove is compact, lightweight and fuel efficient. Its high efficiency rate assures fast boiling times so you won’t be waiting long for your brew.


Lifeventure all purpose soap £4.99

This outdoor soap is concentrated so you don’t need so much for each wash, it lathers in both fresh and brackish water and it’s biodegradable, so not harmful to the environment.


Lowe Alpine Kibo 65 £100

This entry level backpacking pack is perfect for overnight camping trips with more than enough room for all of your festival essentials.

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