Servicing your skis with SnowGlide tools

The winter season’s just kicking off, so now’s the time to delve into your garage/attic/cupboards and see how your skis have fared over the summer.

If you heavily waxed them before you stored them, then it’s time to strip off the old and put new wax on.  If you’ve not touched them since you got back from your ski holiday last year, then you might want to think about getting them serviced, so that they’re in tip-top condition before you go on your next adventure.

With full ski and snowboard service facilities available in the majority of our stores, we can service them for you.  However, if you fancy doing it yourself, we have a range of ski tuning and maintenance products to help you.

One of the brands we’re really proud to be working with this year is SnowGlide – we’re their sole UK retailer.  SnowGlide offer high performance tools for sharpening skis and other winter sports equipment. The Scottish National Team and UK skiers and National team members Dougie Crawford & TJ Baldwin  (to name just a few!) have all purchased SnowGlide equipment from us.

The range consists of:

  • AF-L which can sharpen the side (lateral) edge of the ski
  • AF-1 which has the ability to tune both the base and side (lateral) ski edges
  • AM-1 Angle Meter, which helps determine the edge angles and assess the accuracy of the ski tune

Here’s a pic of the famous world cup and Olympic Champion Ted Ligety’s ski tech servicing his skis.  Ted then went on to win the race in Solden on 28th October 2012!

Servicing with the Snowglide tool

So whether you’re looking for top of the range tools, or some more race wax, we can help.

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SnowGlide at

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