Rate Your Gear… And Win!

So, you’ve bought some new kit from us and you want to tell the world how great it is. If only there was an easy way…

Well, would you believe it, there is – and it’s called Rate Your Gear!

Reading a product’s official description is fine, but we all know the best way to find out about an item you’ve got your eye on is to hear others’ first-hand experiences of it. Good, bad or indifferent, we’re more likely to take the word of those we trust; that’s where Rate Your Gear comes in.

Our all-new online ratings and review function is now live and couldn’t be easier to use. Once you’ve found the product online, select the ‘Reviews’ tab below its picture and click ‘Write a review’.

Next, give the product a star rating and adjust the simple sliders, choose a nickname and put down a few words. Done!

We’re encouraging everyone to upload your pictures and YouTube videos, to add further ‘real world’ information for the benefit of others. If you’d also like to fill in the optional areas to tell people a bit more about yourself, then that would be great, too.

For a guided look at the process, you can take a look at our walk-through video.

So, is that it? No! To motivate you to get involved and spread the good word among your fellow outdoors-loving friends, we’re offering a little incentive…  Each month, we’ll be giving away a £50 voucher to the person who writes the best review!

Click the image to enlarge!

To get the ball rolling, why not take a look at this review by one of our team who took the opportunity to put the Jet Boil Flash Personal Cook System through its paces on a recent camping trip? As another example, you might also like to take a look at this customer review of the Patagonia Men’s Super Cell Jacket.

We’ve had a really positive initial response to our requests for feedback and it’d be great to hear from you, too.

So what are you waiting for? Rate Your Gear!