Rory McCrea – Kenya Road Trip

Rory McCrea

Last July I spent three weeks travelling in Kenya, an amazing country with a wildly diverse geography and varieties of wildlife. This brilliant adventure had many highlights, including trips to Hells Gate in the Rift Valley where I walked with buffalo and climbed a 2700m volcano, and to the Maasai Mara watching migrating herds of wildebeest and zebra cross the Tana River. I then travelled further north to the hot dry semi-dessert Samburu Reserve, home to some unique desert animals like the Gerenuk, and did some walking and fly fishing in the cold wet Aberdare Mountains (3900m), which is thick forest and bamboo lower down, and has landscape similar to Scotland higher up. It was a rare privilege to be woken up by an elephant sniffing my tent, to hear buffalo grazing within 10 metres of the fire, have hyena prowling  in the shadows and to hear lions roaring a couple of hundred metres away!

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