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New for 2012, the Douchebag’s unique construction makes this an ideal lightweight ski bag for travellers. The patent pending Rib Cage design makes it light enough to take on planes as the 25 ABS ribs give additional protection, saving weight over a traditional bag and allowing you to pack more gear.

The bag is fully adjustable to take skis from 155 to 200cm and rolls up for easy storage in lockers and cupboards when not needed.

In addition, the Douchebag features a Shoulder Carrying System which is an adjustable strap that can be attached between the front handle and the side of the bag. The system enables easier transportation by allowing you to tow the bag behind you while freeing your hands for whatever else you need them for. Perfect for heavy bags or long walks.


The patent pending Length Adjustment System is composed of two top connection rails, two bottom connection rails and a secure lock buckle. The bag can be adjusted to whatever size skis you are traveling with, while always providing a rigid structure for comfortable transportation and prevent the bag from being dragged on the ground. The bag fits two pairs of skis.

Douchebag - Tow


  • Maximum volume: 120 litres
  • Minimum storage size: 15 litres
  • Maximum length: 210cm
  • Width: 34cm
  • Height: 20cm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Outside and inside garment: Polyester 600D
  • ABS protection ribs
  • Zinc-Alloy buckle
  • 9.2mm PP Wheels
  • EPE padding
  • Silk logo printing
  • Strong 12.6mm nylon zipper
  • Polyethylene back-protection plate
  • PP Protection Spine

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  • Douchebag - full length
  • Douchebag - strap
  • Douchebag - folded
  • Douchebag image
  • Douchebag - packed
  • Douchebag - sizes

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