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With more than 11 years of experience in the sports injuries, physiotherapy and podiatry industry, Bodyfactor provides excellent service and treatment to all its patients. Established in 1998, in conjunction with Snow+Rock, the practice is based in both Chertsey and Covent Garden.

Bodyfactor brings together the skills of highly qualified practitioners in one specialised clinic. Devoted to helping our clients achieve peak physical wellbeing, the Bodyfactor team offers the ultimate sport and recreational injury diagnostic and treatment service.

Bodyfactor is successful in helping people with acute or chronic injuries, pre or post operatively, or even when surgery has failed to make the desired improvement. The resulting treatments have proven that personalised rehabilitation really can make a difference.

Bodyfactor also offers highly skilled podiatrists, sports massage, Pilates rehabilitation classes, as well as personal training services, all designed to offer clients and patients the best in their treatment and rehabilitation experience.

Knee Braces


CTI OTS £399 (Special Offer – ONLY FOR THE WINTER SEASON). Including Physiotherapy Assessment and Fitting.

Bodyfactor recommends the CTI carbon-fibre bracing system for unstable knees following ligament injury, cartilage damage, for protection after reconstructive surgery or even Osteo-Arthritis pain relief when rigorously exercising.

We strongly believe that a rigid frame design is necessary for effective knee control especially in limiting side to side stresses or rotations at the knee. The rigid system provides excellent contact with the knee during sports and activities that place excessive loads on the knee joint.

In addition to the CTI off-the-shelf brace Bodyfactor Clinicians prescribe and fit the revolutionary CTI Custom, which is handcrafted to the individual patient’s measurements. The CTI Custom is demanded by top athletes and respected by leading physicians. With a hand crafted custom fit, sleek carbon composite frame, a six-point support system for optimal lower leg control, and anatomically correct Accutractm™ hinges, each CTI Custom brace is built to perform.

CTI Custom

CTI Custom £769 including Physiotherapy Assessment. Measurement and follow up Fitting

At Bodyfactor we offer a specialised CTI knee brace fitting service, assessing each client for their individual needs and requirements. This is done by our trained physiotherapists, by appointment only, and therefore ensures that the client is expertly advised, assessed and fitted correctly with their own CTI knee brace, or Custom CTI knee brace.

Ski Boot Orthotics

Custom Ski Orthotics

Custom Ski Orthotics £270 including Specialist Podiatry Assessment, Custom Orthotic and Follow-up Fitting

At Bodyfactor our Podiatrists are trained to provide our clients with specialised custom made, bespoke orthoses for their skiing needs. Each client is Biomechanically assessed and specifically casted. Your casts are then engineered, via laser guided CAD-CAM technology and direct-milled from solid, yet flexible Polypropylene to create the ultimate custom fit orthotic. All our orthoses are then finished off in our lab for optimal comfort.

Our Ski orthotics are designed to optimise ski boot fit and function. They are prescribed for relatively large alignment issues when standard boot fitting is unable to help further, structural problems, previous foot and ankle injury, pain and numbness when skiing, as well as for expert comfort, control and enhanced biomechanics.

Please feel free to call Bodyfactor and chat about their Ski Boot Orthotics with their Podiatrists, or you can discuss this with the expert boot fitters at Snow+Rock.

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Clinics in London and the South East

Bodyfactor: Chertsey, Chertsey Business Centre, Gogmore Lane, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 9AP

Tel: 01932 564364 Fax: 01932 572788


Bodyfactor: Covent Garden, 4th Floor – Snow+Rock, 4 Mercer Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9QA


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